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Marinetrak’s Fuel Shield, our Wireless Fuel Management System, can be placed directly onto a Mobile Fuel tank. Fuel Shield will track accurate fuel dispensing from your Mobile Shield Tank with NO HUMAN INTERVENTION.

Accurately dispense fuel from your Mobile Shield tank

Fuel Shield is the fleet and fuel management tool for the business that is serious about cutting costs, eliminating fraud, effectively managing fuel reports and consumption.

The advanced Fuel Shield system is easy to install directly onto a Mobile Fuel tank. Marinetrak’s Wi-Fi Technology eliminates the need for cables and wiring. The system installation can be performed by your on-site technicians or by ours.

Fuel Shield installs directly onto your Mobile Shield tank


  • Pump Control Unit (PCU) is installed on each fuel pump.
  • Hose Control Unit is installed on each fuel nozzle.
  • Vehicle Identification Unit (VIU) is installed on each authorized vehicle.
  • Wi-Fi Receiving Antenna is installed at each fuel location office.
  • Wi-Fi Transmitting Antenna is installed inside the Pump Control Unit.

Fuel Shield, using Wi-Fi technology, is mounted on a steel post


  • A freestanding, weather & flame resistant box suitable for mounting on top of the fuel pump or on a stainless steel post on a Mobile Fuel tank.
  • A keypad for manual data entry.
  • FCC Approved.
  • Operating Voltage: 12V DC
  • Max current at pump relay cutout 10A.
  • RF Modem frequency 433.92 MHz.

Fuel Shield is quick to install, wireless, secure and easy to use